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Tinker Flats

Indianapolis, IN |

Restoration of a Landmark

Tinker Flats has been home to many industries over the past 100 years, and through that time, has become a historic landmark in the city. What started as the largest production center for US Bank Furniture in the early 1900’s, eventually transitioned into a recycling plant for some time. For the past 20+ years, it has been sitting underutilized on 16th Street waiting on its next adventure. Slane attempted to restore Tinker Flats in an effort to create a Food and Beverage Innovation District within Indianapolis. As part of its efforts, Slane was able to secure a $1MM Grant from the City of Indianapolis. Although Slane is no longer part of the project, the 18 months it spent working on the project has paved the way for Tinker Flats to be brought back to life.

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Indianapolis, IN

Private Sharing Sites

Caves was/is a platform that allowed anyone to create multiple private sharing sites (think business plans, family photos, etc.). Each of the sites then fed into a single activity stream to monitor status of activity. Timing played a huge role in this one as Caves® was launched right when consumers were migrating from the Internet to mobile. We were able to secure the Cave(R) trademark for anything related to the Internet. Note: nobody owns the trademark for Cloud. So if anyone wants to own the word “Cave” or “Caves” for the internet, the bidding starts right here.