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Unconventional, relentless, and adventurous business building

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About Slane

Slane™ is a reference to Slane Castle outside Dublin, Ireland

In 2001, Geff and Gerry Hays set out to attend U2's first concert at Slane Castle since 1983. Getting to Ireland and ultimately to the concert is a story worth telling over a beer (or 2). The trip solidified the two’s interest in working together on a project at some point in their lives. That opportunity came in 2004 when a group of specialty food distributors engaged the two to help them solve a problem that was threatening their respective companies. Since that first project, with the help of some really talented individuals from some of Indiana’s finest institutions (Butler, Indiana, & Purdue), Slane has launched two businesses, served as the founding investor in 6 others, and lost money on a few (okay more than a few) experiments along the way. We don’t have a set formula for anything we do. It just has to feel right and the economics have to be there. We like to think of ourselves as unconventional, relentless, and adventurous…..which typically means we invest in founders of the same ilk. For the “official” way we view deals, see “approach”.

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There's no set formula in our approach

We are a serial start-up team that has refined our expertise and experience over the last 10+ years to effectively identify, build, de-risk, and launch enduring companies. If the fit is right, we also support other entrepreneurs, typically as the first money in.

For outside projects, we look for three things:

  • a quantifiable problem
  • capable founders
  • a way to defend

We’ll help figure out the rest. More so than money, early-stage startups require teams with great imaginations, experience, and courage. Launching and growing a business is really, really hard. We strive to be that steady, experienced, and protective partner for our investors, founders, and customers.

If you’re interested in connecting, let us know here.

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Here are few of Indy’s best weapons

Slane cannot do what it does without partnering with some incredibly talented design, engineering, and development companies within Indianapolis. Here are few of the companies we’ve partnered with over the years: